The Best Power Sleep Chair to Rent

It might not be easy for your loved one to get up or down from a sofa as it used to be before the accident or illness. If this is your current situation, buying them a lift chair will solve all your issues. There are many sellers both stores and online making it overwhelming to choose the best dealer. So, what happens if the doctor says that the problem will be temporary? Are you still going to purchase the chair? Since the patient needs it, we cannot advise you to watch them suffer. Do you know that you can rent the power chair instead?

Number of Positions

This is among the most important features to consider. When shopping for the chairs, you will realize that there are 2 positions, 3 position and infinite position recliner lift chairs. The infinite position chairs are also referred to as the ultimate sleep chair. It has two motors. This allows the footrest to move independently of the back portion. If your patient should sit upright but with feet up, this is the best chair for them.
Both 2 position and 3 position lift chairs have one motor. The footrest cannot recline without the backrest. The only difference between these two is that 3 position lift chair reclines fully while 2 position reclines to 45 degrees.


You must rent a chair that fits your body size. The larger the chair, the deeper the seat cushion. If you choose a chair that is too big for you, your feet will not be able to touch the floor while sitting. A small one will affect your back. Different styles have different size fitting hence you should be keen to carry home a chair that fits perfectly.


The covering you choose depends on the patient’s current situation. Let us take, for example, a lift chair with a leather covering might not be the best option for people who sweat a lot. Similarly, a person with incontinence will not find a chair with cloth covering suitable.


How much space do you have in your living area? Does the chair need to be placed against the wall? Modern models of lift chairs slide both out and backward which might not be possible in small or tight rooms.