Kayaking can Teach us a Lesson or two in Healthy Living


Whether the kayak is used for fishing or navigating through rapids and waterfalls, one thing stands out; kayaking requires commitment. The sheer energy required to operate a kayak is the main reason why most kayakers are physically in great shape. Imagine spending a sunny afternoon seated on the porch pondering over memories, or creating new memories by kayaking outdoors. Briefly described are tips that kayakers are more than willing to share with the non-believers.

Strength and endurance

To move and navigate your kayak, you need to paddle against the water resistance. As you go through the motions, your muscles are being subjected to some serious workout. A single hour of kayaking burns more than 350 calories depending on the frequency of your paddling. The motions involve several body parts and not just the arms. You can rest assured that you are exercising your core muscles, so do not get worried over missing a gym appointment. Also, you will be doing something enjoyable without having to endure the overcrowded, sweaty gym environment. Other muscles that get a piece of the action are the torso, back and shoulder muscles.

Continuous motion increases your heart rate. According to leading magazines such as Men’s journal, dub kayaking is ranked among the best heart workouts. Frequent kayaking results in a reduction in fat and an increase in lean muscle mass. The intense cardio workout sees improved breathing in the sportsmen.

Shed off some stress

work outThe physical benefits associated with paddling are numerous. Studies show that the benefits extend to the one’s psychological mind state. However you prefer to engage in kayaking, it has been proven that the sport is a significant stress-reliever. Many people prefer it for its silent non-competitive nature. During the kayaking exercise, endorphins are released into the body cells, uplifting a person’s moods. New research shows that adding water to the whole adventure has the perfect de-stressing effect. In its unique way, kayaking is a form of meditation that involves the kayaker paying attention to the surrounding water.


Mainly due to the advanced electronic devices in our homes, more people spend time indoors. This denies them the opportunity to take in Vitamin D. Leading universities have proven that vitamin D arising from sunshine is tough to substitute with foods. Most of the vitamin D our body takes in arises from sunrays. Having a kayaking routine is a great way to take in some of that vital vitamin D. After absorbing some of the suns into your skin, you can then apply sunscreen after 10 to 15 minutes.

Be bold

enjoying Overcoming challenges such as water rapids or paddling over long distances can build your level of self-confidence. This brings about a positive self-image. Research that was published in the leisure journal discovered that kayaking brings about increased social skills and feelings of completion. Your mental capacity is improved too as a result of an improved physical well-being. Kayaking adventure is incredible, especially when floating through a forest and surprising a relaxed alligator on the river bank. See their Facebook page here for more info on how to get started.